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How to commission a painting.

Contact me regarding the painting you wish to create using the form on the previous page, or via email at:

- Pay deposit of 25% of the cost of the commission (See T&C's at bottom of page).

- Let me know the size, subject and the time frame for the painting.

- Send me reference photos (See photo guidance in section below).

- Final payment - Once complete I will email you a copy of the painting for you approval, once approved you will recieve an invoice for the rest of the payment (Final payment will be cost of painting minus 25% deposit).


**Please note final payment is required before painting can be shipped.**

Photo guidance.

The quality of the photos provided will make a huge difference to the final result. 

Generally I recommend that a pet should be looking at the camera unobstructed and with as little blur as possible for a their portrait, however if there is a particular pose your little one does that you are particularly fond of please capture it as clearly as possible. Another popular portrait pose is with the subject side on to the camera.

You are more than welcome to send additional images that may help me to obtain accurate colouring or other specific characteristics.

The aim is to photograph your pets with as much natural light as possible, whilst avoiding direct sunlight and glare. Ideally outside on a bright overcast day or by a window in a bright room. Sunshine can cause your pet to squint causing an atypical expression, it can also skew the colours. 

It is best to think about the overall composition of the painting you envisage. If you want full body, a sit is usually a good stance, if you want a close up of the head, this is the photograph you should aim for. I also advise taking the photograph at your pets height to capture them in a much more comfortable and natural pose, without having them straining to look up at the camera (of course if the composition you are are trying to achieve involves having them look up at the camera then this is fine).

Terms & Conditions.

Deposit - When making a booking for a commission or bespoke pet portrait a deposit is required to reserve space on my waiting list. A non-refundable deposit of 25%. 

Cancellation - If a client wishes to cancel their order, none of the deposit is refundable as this will be used against time, admin and supplies already purchased. 

Damages in transit - My paintings are packaged well in high quality packaging. In the unlikely event that the painting is damaged in transit, the client must send me photos of the packaging and the artwork by email immediately. The painting should be reuturned to me in its original packaging for repair or replacement at no additional cost. The client will meet the cost of all shipping requirements. 

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